Turkey Avocado wrap-6 or 7 points

Today for lunch I had a wrap similar to other wraps I make, but it was delicious!! It was pretty much the Melted Cheese wrap, but better since it had a couple more additions.

The reason I put 6 or 7 points is because it would depend on what kind of cheese you use. I'm a cheese lover so I like regular cheese. No fat free or light for this girl :) I'm willing to use more points on cheese which I recognize most people aren't.

You'll need:
Flat out-1 point
1 oz. cheese(2 or 3 points depending on cheese)
turkey (about 6 deli slices)-1 point
2 oz. avocado-2 points
onion salt-dash it pretty well
balsamic vinegar (about 2 t.)-0 points


The main difference is that I added the avocado and the onion salt. The onion salt blended really well with the balsamic.

First melt the cheese on the flat out.
Then place (in this order) turkey, avocado slices, sprinkle with onion salt, smother with lettuce and then drizzle with balsamic vinegar. Roll up and enjoy. It's filling, too.


Rhonda said...

Tara made this for me yesterday and it was really yummy! I wanted another one. :)

Shelise said...

Tara, mom made this for me the other day and it was really good.