Tuna Sandwich-5 pts. (w/o cheese)

Strain Tuna really well. (I actually put my hand in the tuna can and squeeze the juice out and then turn the tuna and squeeze it more and turn and squeeze. I like all the juices out of it.)

2 oz. tuna-1 pt.
1 T. (not heaping at all) walnuts-1 pt.
1 T relish-0 pts.
2 T. lights miracle whip-1 pt.
2 slices Oro Wheat double fiber bread-2 pts.
mustard-0 pts.

(1 oz. cheese-3 pts. This is where most people would use fat free or less cheese than I do. This makes my sandwich 8 pts.)

Put tuna mixture on the bread, add lettuce and cheese. You could also put tomato or whatever sounds good to you. This sandwich is very satisfying!

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