Sandwich thins and ideas to use them

Sandwich thins are flat buns and great because they're only 1 point for the pair! There was a post about a fish sandwich using them and here are a few more ideas:

-Hamburgers- using Jennie-O burger
-BBQ pulled pork sandwich
-Sloppy Joe's
-BLT's-using less sodium bacon (it's less points and I've heard it's better than turkey bacon)
-Chicken Salad-other post about chicken salad
-Tuna- other post about tuna
-Turkey sandwich

Also, you could slightly toast it to do any of the above ideas. Just remember that it's 1 point for both sides of the sandwich thin and some of these ideas I already posted were with 2 slices of 1 pt. bread. So you're saving 1 whole point using the sandwich thins :)


Shelise said...

Oh my gosh, I am so happy about this. I actually saw them in moms fridge the other night so now I have a visual of what they look like. I LOVE my sloppy joe recipe but havent used it since doing WW. So now I will have to try it. Also, I have been craving BBQ pulled pork sandwiches so again, going to try it. Thanks for the ideas. Moms fish sandwich sounded good too. I am struggling here. Desserts are killing me. HELP...

Emily H. said...

Where can I get these sandwich thins? We don't have the same grocery stores as y'all but what aisle do you find yours- bread? cracker? what do they look like? Bread and buns can sometimes be more points than I want so I've been subsituting with lettuce. Lettuce wrapped sandwiches, burgers, etc. They are good but I'd love to try these! Thanks Tara! :)

Taralee said...

Where I shop, I get sandwich thins in the deli area with the pita's (1 pt.), flat outs (1 pt.), rolls and fresh cresant rolls... It might be in a different section. Just ask. My mom mentioned that people in her WW meeting say they have to actually ask to find them. Good luck, they'll be worth it :)

They look like a flatter bun. They're a little bigger, but flat. You know just not poofy. Hope that helps.