Chocolate Ice Cream-2 points

I get the Country Rich Choclate light ice cream from Walmart. They come in square, gallon sized containers. I didn't even realize it was light ice cream until Tara told me it was. It is so yummy and as I was eating my half cup last night I told Kyle, "I seriously just love this ice cream," for the thousandth time.

1/2 c.= 2 pts.


Rhonda said...

Are you sure it's not a half gallon? Rather than a gallon?

Shelise said...

I just looked and it says "one gallon and one pint". Its just like the circular gallons but its a square instead. You know the hard plastic with the handle on them? Just like that.

The Foote Family said...

Ooooo, if you like chocolate you should also try Skinny Cow Chocolate Truffle Bars. They are SO delicious and only 2 points!