I'm back at it and I have a new cookbook!

After not counting my points through the holidays, I'm back on track!...(and I only gained a couple pounds through it all, so that's good.) I also bought a cookbook a couple months ago when they were half off at the meetings. I think I'm really going to like it once I start trying the recipes! (IF I ever start trying them, lol).

Stay tuned for some new recipes. It will be a little slower now that I have most of my recipes and ideas already posted. Maybe a couple times a week. And don't forget to share ideas with me too :) I love a good healthy food idea!

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by: Kim said...

I will be going on Weight Watchers in three weeks as soon as I am through the maintenance part of the program I am on now. So I am really excited to try some of your recipes. I hope my boys will eat it too.

Thanks for sharing.