Potato Soup-1 C.=1 point

Thanks for this idea Rebecca! We loved it! 1 point for a cup is wonderful :)

1 bag (16 oz.) ORE-IDA Hash Brown Cubes
4 cans FF Chicken Broth
1 packet Country Gravy Mix

Saute potatoes for 10 minutes
Add broth and gravy mix
Simmer for about 20-30 minutes

Top with:
-cheddar cheese
-bacon bits
{figure points for you toppings}

*When I made this soup I did it a little different. I didn't use the frozen potatoes because we had a TON of extra baked potatoes from an event. I took the skin off, cubed it all up, and then weighed 16 oz. (2 potatoes) of it to put in the soup. Then because of time I only let it cook about 15 minutes which was fine but it didn't get quite as thick. Next time I do it I'll definitely use more potatoes and cook it the full length. Probably 3 times as many potatoes so there's more per bite. I'll have to adjust the points but it won't be too bad since these are potatoes we're talking about.

If anyone has winter type recipes, please share!! Well, to be honest, I could use some ideas for anything. For the last few weeks I've been kinda burnt out and I finally have my head back in it so some help would be wonderful!

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Rebecca said...

I've been meaning to ask you if it was good. We'll have to try it now (I love that I shared a recipe with you that I haven't tried-ha ha!) good to know that you would put extra potatoes in next time.