1 point tortilla taco's

I've tried a few different 1 point tortilla's and the one that I like the best is La Banderita. They're the best flavor and texture that I've found. Too bad regular tortillas are 3 whole points because I LOVE them, but not enough to waste 6 points to make 2 small taco's.

Please share if you have found a 1 point tortilla you love!

I ALWAYS use ground turkey since Tom can't have beef. It has less calories and fat (even compared to the 10% ground beef). I'm totally used to it now and I'm even getting to the point where I prefer it over ground beef. I know, crazy! :)

Anyway, I fry it up, put 3 T. of taco seasoning and then about 3/4 C. of Pace Picante in it and let it simmer.

To make taco's I always change it up a bit.

This is what I did last time I made taco's (7 points)
tortilla (warmed)-1 point
2 or 3 oz. seasoned turkey meat-2 or 3 points
1/2 C. black beans (or kidney beans, pinto beans, or refried beans)-1 point
2 T. light sour cream-1 point
a good amount of diced tomato-0 points
1/3 C. WW fiesta cheese-2 points
lots of lettuce-0 points
salsa-0 points

If I'm doing it for lunch this is exactly what I would do. If I do it for dinner, since I allow more points for dinner, then I would make 2 taco's using 1/2 the cheese on each, 1/2 the beans on each and 2 oz. of meat PER taco. This would make both taco's worth 10 points total.

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Shelise said...

Mmm... this reminds me of when I had the left over turkey and made it into taco meat. The black beans make it so good too. Then to smother it with lettuce and tomato make it so good. I'm going to have to do it again.